The Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) history, pathogenesis, diagnosis and treatment (A. Review)


  • hayder yousif Mustansiriyah University


coronavirus19, Clinical signs, epidemic, SARS, polymerase chain reaction,


Corona Virus is one of the dangerous viruses that invaded the world and caused many deaths.It is not known yet the characteristics and forms of the final virus and this virus infects animals previously, but now it has begun to develop itself through the occurrence of genetic mutations that have caused humans to develop severe respiratory problems ,Which led to the destruction of the health system in more than one country around the world,the transmission of the disease from animals to humans by bats and seafood appeared in Wuhan, Hubei Province in December 2019, which was called (Covid 19).The disease may spread through the movement of air in the atmosphere and for short distances or through flying mist when sneezing among people. The incubation period for the virus varies from one person to another approximately (2-14) days. As for the symptoms of those infected with the virus, it may include fever, cough, pain in the throat, and tightness in Breathing, fatigue and discomfort, sometimes there are no symptoms in infected people and the infection may be mild or severe causing pneumonia or acute respiratory syndrome.Viral infection is detected by examining chest x-rays and pulling its eye through the throat, but these tests do not give a sure and accurate result. Therefore, orientation was carried out using the spiral mare and the chain of polymerization reaction.